Climate Change - How Catastrophic Is It Really?

Additional Information for Transatlantic Forum Presentation May 2020

Some Consensus Papers/Video

An excellent video that explains the 97% myth

97% Consensus Myth

The 97% Figure


Climategate Papers

Hiding The Decline





Link to all emails (many 1000s)

Ocean Acidification

A paper on ‘Response of Marine Macroalgae to Ocean Acidification’

A paper on ‘Response of Corals to Ocean Acidification’

Comments on the Great Barrier Reef situation

Ozone Hole

An up-to-date paper on the ozone situation - easy read and not too long

History of ozone depletion scare - easy read and not too long

Some more ozone articles

PDF of a comprehensive book dealing with the ozone scare.  Also has a few chapters at the end some comments on the environmental movement, plus a chapter from Dobson’s 1968 book ‘Ozone in the Atmosphere’