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Pierrot Lunaire                  25th Feb 2019 at at Luton Sixth Form College Map

An epic evening in which Schönberg’s exotic Pierrot Lunaire is presented alongside repertoire that helps place it in the story of Western Art Music. Six fine musicians, led by pianist Joe Houston, will help us pick a way through this challenging work, in many ways still as startling now as it must have been 106 years ago…

The programme will also include new pieces by composition and dance students from Luton Sixth Form College.

‘In the antiquity of the Roman theatre began the ballet of the white clown of innocence with the dark clown of experience…’ Glenn Tetley (choreographer)

Arnold Schönberg – Pierrot Lunaire

Maurice Ravel – Oiseaux tristes

Anton Webern – Vier Stücke Op.7

Luciano Berio – O King

Johannes Brahms – Intermezzo Op.116 No.2

Alban Berg – Vier Stücke Op.5

Joe Houston (piano)




violin, flute, cello, clarinet & singer